Getting the most out of a five person team

Getting the most out of a 5 person team leighton poidevin okanagan 24

When I first started racing 24 hours I mainly focused on solo racing but lately I’ve been involved in the 5 person team event. My first two tries at this discipline were fun but could have been better by following a few simple rules and planning my weekend this way.

Day before the race

Try to arrive Friday late afternoon if possible and pre-ride the course. After you get a feel for the course and how you are going to time your effort for your race laps you can organize your tent and equipment.

Morning of the race

Wake up early enough to do a bike check. Make sure shock and tire pressures are correct. Sometimes when you do a team event there is a sense that you have a lot of time between laps but it always seems to be more hectic when the gun goes off.

During the race

Make sure to do a short warmup before your lap. Start your lap a bit slower and try to ramp the pace up after the first 5 minutes. After your lap warm down for a few minutes and eat and hydrate. Then most importantly put your feet up and rest the legs.

Warm up - spin - 5 person team

During the night

The night is when it gets harder to communicate with your teammates so make a plan and a rough schedule of anticipated times when you need to ride. If possible keep the rider order the same and get the rider finishing the lap to wake the rider who is next out after the on course rider.

These tips may not win you the race but they will help get you the most out of every rider and move you closer to the top.

Posted by Leighton Poidevin

5 person team okanagan 24