Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We are constantly adding most asked question to this page so if you have a question and don’t see your answer, don’t hesitate to email us at info@okanagan24.com

Sadly, we made the difficult decision to cancel the race due to a low number of registrations.
We’re 37 days away from race day and we need 3x the rider stoke to make the event feasible for 2022.

If you were registered for the race, please check your email for options that was send out on May 25, 2022 from info@okanagan24.com. The message may have gone to your junk mail folder.

If you are still hoping to race a 24 hour event, the Canadian Rockies 24 (formerly known as 24 hours of Adrenaline) is taking place in Canmore on Aug 27-28 and  registration is open with a price increase happening on July 9th.

No refunds. There’s an option to substitute a rider for a $20 admin fee.

Get in touch with us at info@okanagan24.com for inquiries.

Our vaccine policy will be what the ViaSport policy dictates at the time of the race.

You can find ViaSports FAQ’s and Charts here

From ViaSport FAQ’s dated Feb 1, 2022:

Q: For outdoor sport events and programs, who needs to show proof of vaccination?
A: As of Feb 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is not REQUIRED.

Use our forum to connect with other riders in search of a team or other riders! 🙂

We don’t monitor often so if you have a question for us it’s best to email us or find us on Facebook.

Yes, however it is recommended you show up on Friday to pick up your race package, set up your area, and pre-ride the course. Check out the event schedule for race package pick up times.

Yes you can enter 4 people in the 4-5 person team category.  The 4-5 person team category is the same price.

Not at all. The corporate team category can be large groups of family, friends, or co-workers.

We hope that business folks do challenge other business to a friendly battle on the trail.

SilverStar Mountain Resort is at 1,609 m (5,280 ft), the mountain climate is cooler than the valley. Day time highs between 18 – 23 °C (64-73 °F)
Night time lows between 8-13 °C(46-55 °F).
There’s also a potential for rain.

Things to bring:

  • warm cycling apparel: extra socks, shorts, gloves, jersey, arm warmers, knee warmers, rain jacket, neck warmer, and toque
  • equipment: tubes, chain lube, head lamp, bike lights

Absolutely! It’s very important to have working lights on course for your safety. Make sure front and rear lights are in good working order. It’s also good to know approximate burn times of your  lights so you can change/charge your lights at the appropriate times.

No, only teams have to provide 1 volunteer to do a 3 hour shift during the race. Duties may include, assist in timing tent, control road crossings, helping out at the aid station on course.

4 hour and 24 hour solo races do not have to provide a volunteer.

SilverStar Mountain Resort is at 1,609 m (5,280 ft), the mountain climate is cooler than the valley.

Day time highs between 20 – 26 °C (68-79 °F)
Night time lows between 10 – 13 °C(50-55 °F).
There’s also a potential for rain.

The course is geared for all levels of riders. As long as you have done some trail riding in the past you should be good to go. If you’re unsure about the terrain and your ability to ride it you can check out the course before the race if you are in the area. There’s also plenty of passing opportunities for faster riders.

Yes, the course is fast and flowy, ideal for single speeding!

If we have enough interest with single speeders we’ll create a new category.

Nope, only human powered bikes allowed. Check out our rules.

Lord Aberdeen Market is a full service grocery store in Silverstar village. The Red Antler and Bulldog restaurants sre open for lunch and dining.

There will be no food services available after 10 pm.  Silverstar summer operational hours will be in effect.

During the race there will be one aid station mid course.

Bear spray is not mandatory during the race, however we recommend you have it as there are typically bears in the area.

Yes, for safety and liability issues, helmets are mandatory.

The lap distance is 15.5 km with an elevation gain of 385m’s. You can find all the course information on our course page.

If you have a 4 person team add the average age as the team to get the total.

Example:   Person 1 (age 34) +Person 2 (age 29) +Person 3 ( age 38) + Person 4 (age 25) = 126/4 = avg age is 32.

Add ages of team members including average age: 34+29+38+25+32 = 158 

Open category is less than 200, 200 & over is Masters.

If we get 10 or more entrants, we will add additional categories as appropriate.
For example if we get enough 60+ age entrants we’ll add a Super masters category.

If there’s a fire in the Okanagan area the race will NOT be cancelled if we are permitted to operate by SilverStar.

If there’s a fire at SilverStar, the race may be cancelled by the resort  your registration will roll over into next year.