Covid update:

  • July race dates have been cancelled due to Covid-19 as government legislation doesn’t allow for groups larger than 50 people
  • Potential to move the race to September with a smaller race for solos only if group of 75 – 100 people are allow.
  • Registrations will be rolled over to 2021 
  • Refunds will be given on a case by case basis.

Covid update send out via email

Newsletter, May 11, 2020, Covid update

Video Transcript

Hey its Cory from Okanagan 24 here in Nepal, I have an update on our race this summer. As of now we have to cancel the July dates due to Covid-19. With the current legislation we cannot host the event with the cap on public gatherings. Our plan B is to have a fall date. This will depend on Cycling Canada’s decisions and the BC government to see if we can legally and safely host the event. We will try and come up with a date if possible, sooner than later and update as we can. Plan C is to host a smaller event, with solos only. That would require a public gathering of 75-100 people, it depends if that’s possible. We will keep you guys updated. As for current registrations, we will roll over the fees to 2021 and if we do have a race this year, we will use the fees for that race. [If you’re not able to attend the new dates we will roll over your registration to 2021, or refunds will be given on a case-by-case basis]. We’ll keep you updated. Stay safe!

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