Accommodation & Camping

Hotel Accommodations

Airbnb Listings in Silverstar

VRBO listings in Silverstar



Included: Friday & Saturday in parking lot “E” staging area

Priority will go to 24 hour team and solo


  • central power station  (priority for headlamps)
  • porta potty washroom facilities
  • central bonfire
  • potable water is available at the Village from an outside tap.


Click here for larger image of map


Parking lot “E” map may be subjected to change closer to race day – updated: June 28, 2019


Restaurants & Cafes

SilverStar restaurants and cafes,  and grocery stores will be open at their designated hours of operation

Bike Rentals

Looking for a pre or post race adventure? Get your give’r on at SilverStar’s bike park bike rentals available for more cushion for the crushin’!