6 Keys to a successful 24 hour mountain bike race: 1st Key

1st key to a successful 24 hour race is the bike. Find a bike that you are comfortable on. A bike fit is critical to success, I use Luke Way (@coachluker ) at Balance point Racing (@balancepointracing).

Proper bike fit ensures that you are efficient and optimizing your bike position can help avoid injury. A good saddle and chamois cream of your preference is crucial. I use a WTB Silverado saddle and Calendula cream for any sores. Dualie’s are generally the better choice for solo 24 hour races as they limit the impact on the body. I’ve used two identical Kona Hei Hei’s (@konabikes) for the last two WEMBO World 24 hour Solo Championship titles I’ve won. It’s been important to have two bikes as I try and limit pits stops to seconds and this ensures there is always a fresh bike ready to go. One bike is certainly doable, it may just require a bit more time in the pits.
Stay tuned for more tips!